Ceramic Coatings

Ultimate Protection



T3 Paint Coating: Durability of up to 3 Years.  Protection against the elements like acid rain, UV rays, road salts, bug guts and bird droppings!  Leaves a silky smooth and high gloss finish. ​

  • Two options available, a full vehicle coating ($1,300), or a cheaper option the front end coating ($800).  Which includes front bumper, both front fenders, hood, side mirrors, and windshield.

TS2 Glass Coating: Durability of up to 2 years.  Protects from rain, sleet, ice, snow and other contaminants.  Allows your wiper blades to slide smoothly across the windshield without chatter.

  • Ask about our two options.  You may choose to have your windshield coated ($200) or all glass on the vehicle ($300).

A paint correction is required for application of a paint coating.  Inspection of your paint is required to see what kind of correction it needs.  The ceramic coating price will be added onto the paint correction price.  Please allow max 2 days for the paint correction and coating process.

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